ng-conf 2016

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to ng-cong in Salt Lake City this year. It was a great conference, much different from the tech conferences that I’m used to.

Key Take Aways

  • Angular 2 is going to be fast
    • The RC file size has been reduced from 170k to 50k.
    • Angular CLI will support pre-compilation of templates which will help with both file size and time to initial load.
    • Lazy loading on routes will further help with load times
    • Angular Universal will allow pre-rendering of angular sites on the server (supports Node and via node)
    • Angular 2 change detection is fast!
  • Angular 2 is going to be everywhere
    • Technologies like ionic and native script will allow angular 2 to run on mobile devices
    • provides tooling for better progressive web applications
    • Angular Universal will allow angular to run on the server
    • Desktop apps can be created with Electron and Angular 2
  • Angular 2 is going to have a huge ecosystem
    • Angular Material is going to provide a rich UI component suite
    • 3rd Party components are coming (Wijimo, Vaadin, Kendo, Ng-bootstrap and others)
  • TypeScript all the things
    • TypeScript is going to be the best way to write angular code
    • Consider using TypeScript for any js code


  • Talk with fellow attendees, some of the best information you will get will be from other attendees
  • Pre-download workshop files the wi-fi doesn’t handle 100 npm install at once very well
  • Go early or late for food avoid the lines
  • I found it interesting that most presenters were using a Macbook Pro (Apple), angular (Google) and VScode and typescript (Microsoft). It’s nice to see everyone playing nice together.


Overall I thought this was a very well run conference, my only negative feedback would be that a few of the talks seemed to be duplicating content which doesn’t really make sense in a single track conference.


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